Theme: “Advanced Concepts and Frameworks for Dermatology and Skin Care”.


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We welcome every one of the members across the world to go to the 5th International Conference on Dermatology, Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery during August 11-12, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The topic of the gathering is "Coronavirus challenges for Dermatology and Cosmetology" and to energize youthful personalities and their exploration capacities by giving a chance to meet the specialists in the area of Surgery, Dermatology and Cosmetology 2022.

Dermatology and Cosmetology 2022 expects many agents including worldwide feature talks and oral introductions by eminent speakers and banner introductions by understudies, Exhibitions and delegates from one side of the planet to the other which will make a stage for worldwide advancement and powerful improvement in this field. It gives global systems administration and freedoms to joint efforts with overall organizations and enterprises Dermatology Conference.

Targeted Audience

  • Directors, Board Members, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans and Head of the Departments

  • Dermatology, Pathology & Cosmetology Researchers, Scientists, Faculties, Students

  • Dermatology, Pathology & Cosmetology Associations and Societies

  • Business Entrepreneurs and Industrialists

  • Medical Colleges

  • Drug Manufacturing Companies and Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Industries

  • Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies

  • Laboratory Technicians and Diagnostic Companies

  • Training Institutes

  • Software Developing Companies

  • Data Management Companies

Why to attend?

With people from around the globe focused on looking into overall examples on creating overwhelming sicknesses and its advances in supportive and insightful market, this is your most obvious opportunity to accomplish the greatest exhibit of individuals from the Dermatology ailments organization. This particular social affair direct presentations, appropriates information, conducts get-togethers with present and likely specialists, make a sprinkle with new prescription upgrades, and get name affirmation at this 2 days event. Broadly acclaimed speakers, the most recent therapeutic and illustrative frameworks, progressions, and the Novel advances and supportive measures for overwhelming infections repugnance and control are indications of this gathering.

 Track 01: Dermatology

This is the part of medications which manages the illnesses and issues of skin, nails and hair. This strength of science manages clinical and careful viewpoints. A dermatologist is that the person who treats sicknesses, inside the amplest sense, and a couple of restorative issues of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

  • Restorative dermatology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Immunodermatology
  • Pediatric dermatology
  • Teledermatology
  • DermatoepidemiologY

 Track 02: Dermatological Diseases

All skin illnesses remembering rashes for skin, extreme skin contaminations which happen because of scope of things, like microorganisms, framework issues, allergens, warmth, and meds are sorted under dermatological sicknesses. Most usually discovered skin problems resemble dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and so forth. One of them is Atopic dermatitis which is a constant skin condition that causes fretful, aroused skin. Generally it seems like patches on the face, neck, appendages or trunk. It causes unsettling influence sparingly so die down for a period.

  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Cellulitis
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis
  • Eczema
  • Epidermolysis bullosa
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Keloid
  • Lichen planus
  • Melasma
  • Nevus Folliculitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Tinea corporis
  • Tinea versicolor
  • Urticaria

Track 03: Cosmetic Dermatology

Restorative Dermatology significantly centers on the improvement, upgrade and presence of skin, hair and nails tastefully, imaginatively and cosmetically. It is seldom considered as a clinical need, it can in any case settle clinical dermatological concerns. Medicines that are identified with Advanced Dermatology (ADCS) range from profound purifying, invigorating, reviving, and re-establishing skin surface and tone, to diminishing skin flaws. This meeting will cover every one of the parts of the cosmetology and dermatology.

  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Skin tags
  • Moles
  • Stretch marks
  • Certain birthmarks
  • Age spots
  • Skin discoloration
  • Melasma
  • Lines and wrinkles

Track 04: Cosmetology and skin care

It is the review and use of magnificence treatment on the skin under skincare. Parts of this strength incorporates immense hairstyling, skin health management, beauty care products, nail treatments/pedicures, non-super durable hair expulsion like waxing and sugaring and long-lasting hair evacuation cycles, for example, electro logy and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Cosmetology incorporates a significant piece of the Dermatopathology and that will be talked about in this meeting.

  • Beautician
  • Hair colourist
  • Cleanser specialist
  • Aesthetician

Track 05: Dermatopathology

It is the joint subspecialty of dermatology and pathology zeroing in on the cutaneous infections at tiny and sub-atomic level. It is essentially connected with the investigation of the skin illnesses at fundamental level. Dermatopathology basically includes the histology of the infection and results in a particular symptomatic understanding. It is the particular pathology of skin. The doctor who is represented considerable authority in diagnosing issues of the skin under the magnifying lens is alluded to as the Dermatopathologists. The instances of Dermatopathology incorporate melanoma, and other skin problems, immunologic, irresistible and Pediatric illnesses. Some misdiagnosis of certain skin problems can end up being deadly, get the most reliable and opportune analysis.

  • Cosmetic dermatology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Immunodermatology
  • Mohs surgery
  • Pediatric dermatology
  • Teledermatology
  • Dermatoepidemiology

Track 06: Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

Medical procedure is performed to re-establish a singular's body for example to work on the working of the body parts. It covers a wide scope of conditions. Reconstructive medical procedure is performed to re-establish faces after injury and to reproduce the head and neck after malignant growth. The normal component is that the activity endeavours to re-establish the life structures or the capacity of the body part to ordinary. Scarcely any strategies which are to be examined at the meeting incorporate Breast improvement: Reduction and Lift, Skin malignant growth evacuation, Burn, Scar modification and Hand Surgery.

  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Use of Biomaterials
  • Tissue Expansion
  • Scar Revision
  • Hand Surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Burn Surgery
  • Mohs Surgery
  • Cryosurgery  
  • Electro Surgery 

Track 07: Recent trends in surgical dermatology

The careful dermatology comprises of the treatment of the hair, nail, and skin conditions by various careful strategies. One more name for it is the dermatological medical procedure. Certain skin tumors are additionally supposed to be eliminated precisely relying upon the sort of strategy that has been performed on the patient. In an out-patient climate outside the overall sedation need, the skin malignancies, the odd spot, the bruises, the lipomas, and different perilous or suggestive developments will be operably released. The moles, skins, or other unappealing spots for example might be separated from everyone else ousted for restorative skin improvement.

  • Mohs micrographic medical procedure
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrodessication and curettage
  • Tattoo and pigmentation evacuation
  • Skin restoration
  • Eyelid medical procedure
  • Treatment of undesirable veins
  • Liposuction

Track 08: Skin cancer and Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgical treatment is one of the maximum exactly used surgical approach that is used to deal with pores and skin most cancers. While Mohs surgical treatment, skinny layers of most cancers-containing pores and skin are steadily eliminated after which similarly tested till simplest most cancers-unfastened tissue remains. Mohs surgical treatment is likewise called Mohs micrographic surgical treatment. Skin most cancers is likewise covered on this consultation and all of the different pores and skin associated problems and surgical procedures can be covered.

  • Cryosurgery
  • Dermabrasion
  • Imiquimod
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Debridement

Track 09: Skin Biopsy

A pores and skin biopsy is a method wherein a medical doctor cuts and gets rid of a small pattern of pores and skin to have it examined to diagnose the cells suitable apoptosis. This pattern enables medical doctor diagnoses illnesses which include pores and skin cancer, infection, or different pores and skin disorders.

  • Shave biopsy
  • Punch biopsy
  • Excisional biopsy
  • Incisional biopsy

Track 10: Skin-Toxico Pharmacology

Toxicology is a department of biology, chemistry, and medicinal drug that is worried with the take a look at of the destructive outcomes of chemical compounds on dwelling organisms. It additionally entails the take a look at of dangerous outcomes of chemical, organic and bodily retailers in organic structures that set up the quantity of harm in dwelling organisms. This consultation will cope with all of the regions included beneath the toxicology and pharmacology.

  • Cell culture in skin-toxico pharmacology
  • In vitro skin-toxico pharmacological models
  • Treatment & diagnosis of erytema toxicum
  • Nano materials penetration in treatment of skin disorders
  • Plasminogen activators and inhibitors
  • Skin organ cultures
  • Cutaneous barrier dysfunction 

Track11: Pediatric dermatology

 Pediatric dermatologists end up being experts in diagnosing child skin issues and manage them effectively, including mindful pediatric administration. They fix skin issues like moles and other skin wounds medicinally as well as carefully. There are additionally childhoods actual irregularities like the extension of the youth vein that yield plausibility doesn't happen in grown-ups. Exceptional indication of ailment or issue can happen in extremely youngster under for the most part known conditions, to treat psoriasis.

  • Puerile seborrhea dermatitis
  • Herpes zoster
  • Vascular and pigmented skin pigmentations
  • Psoriasis in adolescence
  • Popular urticarial

Track 12: Teledermatopathology

It is a nonclinical telemedicine utility that is mainly associated with the analysis of cutaneous histologic specimens. Numerous Research paintings is to be had which offers with the assessment of diagnostic concordance of teledermatology. Teledermatology is as compared diagnostic abilities of teledermatology to our conventional face-to-face evaluations.

  • e-Prescription
  • e-healthcare
  • e-pharmacy
  • Telemedicine
  • Telecosmetology

Track 13: Nano technologic advancement in treating skin diseases

 Nanotechnologies display the advancement in the field of test, by expanding the efficiency of the item through conveyance of imaginative outcome. Utilization of nanotechnology is extending in the area of Cosmeceuticals. Nanocosmeceuticals that have been utilized for skin, hair, nail, and lip care, for conditions like kinks, photo aging, hyperpigmentation, dandruff, and hair harm, have get broad use later on. Novel Nano carriers like liposomes, niosomes, Nano emulsions, microemulsion, stable lipid nanoparticles, nanostructured lipid transporter, and Nano spheres have supplanted the utilization of normal conveyance request. These clever Nano carriers bear advantage of further develop skin entrance, organized and kept up with drug discharge, higher strength and site specific focusing on.

  • Nanocosmeceuticals
  • Nanostructured lipid transporters
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Gold nanoparticles
  • Novel Nano carriers
  • Nano emulsions

Track 14: Pro Aging Products

In opposition to the past pattern, the primary supportive of maturing items are starting to arise. This is a pattern connected to ladies' freedom, in a proposition wherein ladies dispose of the burden of expecting to look amazing constantly and the pressing factor of continually seeming youthful, paying little mind to the phase of life they are in. Thus another class of customers has showed up: the silver classification. Ladies in the silver classification are more than 50 years of age and need to look sound at the age they are. In this sense, beauty care products for the face right the shading and advance hydration, yet don't cover wrinkles or lead to a 'cosmetic touch ups' impact. In the hair fragment, the thought is something similar: don't cover, yet relax the hair and give it back its sparkle.

  • Gerontology
  • Genome
  • Skeletal Muscle Injury
  • Stem Cells
  • Telomere Based Therapies
  • Wrinkle Cure

 Track 15: Skin Rejuvenation and Facial Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation can be accomplished through different modalities including: warm, synthetic, mechanical, infusion, and light.

Facial restoration could be a corrective treatment (or series of restorative medicines), that intends to resuscitate a vernal look to the face. Facial restoration is frequently accomplished through either careful as well as non-careful decisions. Methods will fluctuate in intrusiveness and profundity of treatment. Surgeries will re-establish facial balance through designated techniques and facial rebuilding and skin changes. Non-surgeries will target explicit profundities of facial constructions and deal with limited facial contemplations like wrinkles, skin remissness, physiological state and scars.

  • Synthetic restoration with substance strips.
  • Photograph revival with light heartbeats from lasers or lights.
  • Infusions for revival with Botox, fillers, collagen.

Track 16: Genetic skin disorders

A hereditary issue is a sickness caused in entire or somewhat by a switch in the DNA course of action separated the typical game plan. Hereditary problems possibly brought about by a transformation in individual deoxyribonucleic corrosive (monogenic turmoil), by changes in different qualities (multifactorial legacy issue), by a blend of deoxyribonucleic corrosive changes and normal determinant, or by harm to chromosomes (changes in the number or type of whole chromosomes, the constructions that move qualities). A few infections are gained by changes that are inherited from the guardians and are available in a person at starting, similar to sickle cell sickness. Different infections are obtained by transformations in a deoxyribonucleic corrosive or gathering of qualities that occur during one's development.

  • Actinic prurigo
  • Stripping skin disorder
  • Argyria
  • Erythropoietic protoporphyria
  • Stevens-Johnson disorder (SJS)
  • Epidermolysis bullosa

Track 17: Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals come from the mix of excellence care items and drugs. A Cosmeceuticals is essentially a skincare item that comprises of a normally imperative compound with supportive implication for the skin. Nutricosmetics are sustaining added substances which support the appearance and construction of the skin. Healthy enhancements in like manner have an essential limit in the formation of collagen in the dermis. .

  • Clinical Reports and examination of Cosmetic Procedures
  • Rising strategies in clinical strength Treatments
  • Recent fads in Esthetic drug
  • Novel Discoveries and Challenges in Cosmetology
  • Issues experienced all through Treatment Procedure

Track18: Psych dermatology

The course of treatment of skin issues by utilizing mental and mental procedures is named as Psychodermatology. The greater part of the skin issues as dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, balding and enthusiastic skin picking and hair pulling problems have the need to treat with this interaction. Mental or mental medicines have embraced as the essential medicines for some dermatological issues. Strategies incorporate utilized unwinding, contemplation, entrancing and self-spellbinding, psychotropic prescriptions, biofeedback, and centred psychotherapy.

  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Delusions of parasitosis
  • Psychogenic excoriations
  • Factorial dermatitis
  • Trichotillomania

Track 19: Aesthetic Procedures

Since the endorsement of botulinum poison, dermal fillers, and lasers for restorative use, negligibly intrusive stylish strategies have quickly turned into the medicines of decision for age-related facial changes. In the beyond 10 years, tasteful methods have expanded almost five-overlay. Of the 10.2 million tasteful medicines acted in 2008, 83 percent were negligibly intrusive strategies. Botulinum poison and dermal filler infusions, laser hair decrease, synthetic strips, laser skin reemerging, microdermabrasion, and extreme beat light photorejuvenation were the most regularly performed methods in 2008. These techniques are powerful and related with negligible uneasiness, and they have a low occurrence of antagonistic impacts and short recuperation times. High quiet and doctor fulfillment have added to their developing ubiquity and accessibility in the essential consideration setting. As tolerant interest for tasteful medicines increments, family doctors ought to be comfortable with normal insignificantly obtrusive stylish systems while exhorting patients or consolidating tasteful consideration into office practice.

Track 20: New techniques in aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology

Aesthetic” dermatology normally refers to a subspecialist area whose aims are to improve the appearance of the skin of individuals with no skin disease by attempting to correct or delay skin aging, attenuate physical defects, or simply improve the person's appearance

Aesthetic medicine is a developing clinical subspecialty which uses minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to enhance the physical appearance of patients

The Top 4 Aesthetic Medicine Procedures. Over the last 10 to 20 years, there have been numerous advances seen in the world of aesthetic medicine. ...

  • Chemical peels
  •  Microdermabrasion
  •  Laser Hair removal
  •  Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) 

Dermatology is a division of medications zeroed in on the determination and treatment of illnesses of the skin, nails, hair, and mucous films. The significant skin sicknesses incorporate dermatitis, skin break out, psoriasis, skin inflammation, skin diseases, and pores and skin most malignant growths. Balding is the greatest ordinary hair issues all throughout the planet. Bacterial and parasitic diseases in nails, ingrown nails, growth and moles are some ordinary nail issues. So you can treat the pores and skin, nail and hair disorders, dermatologists propose dermatology containers for their administration.

North America and Europe are the primary business sectors, in view of the expanding occurrence of pores and skin ailments, and expanding concentrate around limit bundles of dermatology cases inside the spaces. The U.S., trailed via Canada, is the greatest commercial centres for dermatology drugs. UK, Germany and France are the essential nations keeping a significant extent inside the EU commercial centers.

This record primarily investigations endorsed drugs utilized inside the administration of skin infections. Pores and skin conditions are the different greatest normal wellness issues among most countrywide populaces, together surpassing the predominance of conditions which incorporate heftiness, hypertension and malignant growth. The monstrous costs of skin diseases incorporate specialist visits, wellbeing focus care, recommended drugs and over-the-counter product for treating or adapting to these circumstances, notwithstanding diagonal costs because of efficiency misfortunes.

The Cosmetic Chemicals market in the U.S. is assessed at US$5.8 Billion in the year 2020. China, the world's second biggest economy, is gauge to arrive at a projected market size of US$6.7 Billion continuously 2027 following a CAGR of 8.9% over the investigation time frame 2020 to 2027. Among the other significant geographic business sectors are Japan and Canada, each estimate to develop at 3.2% and 5.2% separately over the 2020-2027 period. Inside Europe, Germany is gauge to develop at roughly 3.7% CAGR.

Cosmetics Industry Overview:

The corrective medical procedure and system gadgets market can possibly develop by USD 4.04 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's development force will decelerate at a CAGR of 7.19%.

There is an impressive ascent in expendable wages over the previous decade. The development in worldwide economies, evolving ways of life, rising requests of skin and sun care items because of fluctuating climatic conditions empowers the development of the market for beauty care products. A shift of inclination towards regular and natural magnificence items, especially in U.S. furthermore, European nations, cultivates the development of the beauty care products market. Rising interest for normal, home grown and natural magnificence items sets out expected open doors for makers to improve and foster new items in agreement to purchaser inclinations.

The Asia-Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetology Conference, Dermatology Meetings 2018 was held in Tokyo, Japan during August 16-17, 2019.

Dermatology Meetings 2018 has invited the new period of Dermatology; a cutting edge field for treatment of sicknesses, catching a promising tomorrow. The exceptionally commended meeting facilitated by Conference Series LLC ltd was set apart with the participation of youthful and splendid scientists, business delegates and capable understudy networks addressing in excess of 20 nations all throughout the planet. The gathering has had a go at establishing each perspective identified with Dermatology and Cosmetology, covering all the conceivable exploration regions.

The meeting pointed an equal rail with topic "Contemporary advancements and on-going patterns in Dermatology and Cosmetology". The gathering engaged an area of aware conversations on clever subjects like Surgical and non-careful Esthetical treatment, Dermatopathology, Cosmetic dermatology, Dermato-oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive medical procedure, Trichology and Hair relocate, Treatments and Trends in beauty care products, Bariatric medical procedure to make reference to a couple.

Gathering Series broadens its warm appreciation towards every one of the Participants, Eminent Speakers, Young Researchers, Delegates and Students.

Organizing Committee Members:

Evangeline B. Handog - Asian Hospital and Medical centre, Philippines

Vincent Wong - Dr Vincent Wong Skincare, UK

Anil Kumar Jha - DISHARC, Nepal

Jaime Schwartz - Beverly Hills Breast and Body institute, USA

Keynote Speakers:

Evangeline B Handog - Asian Hospital and Medical centre, Philippines

Anil Kumar Jha - DISHARC, Nepal

Kang-Yell Choi    - Yonsei University, South Korea

Jaime Schwartz - Beverly Hills Breast and Body institute, USA Ashish K Saxena- Diabetes and Heart Centre, India

Byung In Ro - Myongji Medical Foundation, South Korea

After the tremendous hopeful reaction from logical brotherhood, famous characters and the Editorial Board Members of Conference Series from across the world. We are satisfied to report the tenth International Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery to be held during August 16-17 ,2019 at Tokyo, Japan.


This worldwide dermatology meeting interfaces dermatology experts from everywhere the world to talk about plans to assist the entire business.

This program comprises of introductions on latest things, innovations in dermatology, new dermatological fields and openings, and effective administration.

The chance to coordinate with worldwide participants and financial backers, an industry relationship of Dermatology field specialists, Dermatology and Skin Care experts, Expert Dermatologists, Dermatology Research Scholars, Dermatology Academicians, and Dermatology and Skin Care Consultants from nations everywhere.

At this Dermatology Congress 2022, there will be a chance for B2B communications with notable dermatologists.

The opportunity to advance and foster dermatology exploratory applications and activities

The chance to promote and feature fabricated Dermatology items/discoveries at the Dermatology Congress in 2022.

The chance to advance comprehension of worldwide dermatological hypotheses

The chance to improve your Dermatology Society's, Association's, or alternately Organization's current standing and position at the Dermatology Congress 2022 The chance to coordinate with finance managers, endeavor R&D experts, overall experimentation gatherings, and others in the Dermatology and Skin Care industry

The chance to frame associations with top notch dermatology and skin health management experts from one side of the planet to the other for enlisting and vocation prospects


For Researchers and Faculty of Universities and Associations

  • Speaker Presentations

  • Group Participation

  • Banner Display

  • Workshop coordinating

For Students and Research Scholars:

  • Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)

  • Understudy Attendee

  • Gathering enlistments

For Business Delegates and Product Manufacturers:

  • Book Launch event

  • Crowd interest

  • Conference facilitating

  • Systems administration openings

  • Workshop coordinating

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  • Sponsorships openings

  • Product dispatch

  • Promoting and Networking with customers

  • Exhibitor and Vendor corners

In the event that you work in the area of dermatology and need to foster your vocation, then, at that point, going to the World Summit on Dermatology Research, which will be happens on May 16-17, 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands is the most sensible choice to achieve so.

Thus, act rapidly and complete your gathering enlistment before the cutoff time. Opening at the Dermatology Summit 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands is topping off rapidly because of the huge number of specialists working in the space of dermatology who are enlisting. Try not to put it off any more extended; register for this event immediately!

  • Individuals who have enlisted are mentioned to inform us of their installment straightaway.
  • In the wake of finishing the enlistment interaction, the member should email us a filtered duplicate of the enrollment expense receipt or exchange proof
  • After the last accommodation date, any progressions to the paper won't be permitted.

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration: Till February 07, 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 28, 2022

Last date for registration: May 12, 2022

Conference Date: May 16, 2022

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 11-12, 2022
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