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Conference Dates: September 04-05, 2019

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Toronto is located near north-western shore of Lake Ontario and is the most populous city in Canada. It is the provincial capital of Ontario, and ethnic metropolis which is North America’s one of the most major cities. The centre of the Greater Toronto Area is the most crowded metropolitan region in Canada. As a built up worldwide city, Toronto is a universal Centre of business, back, expressions, and culture, and generally perceived as a standout amongst the most multicultural and cosmopolitan urban communities on the planet. Particularly research studies in pharmaceutical and health care domain is gaining significant growth. Toronto is arranged on an expansive inclining level crossed by a broad system of streams, profound gorges, and urban timberland. It grapples the Golden Horseshoe, a thickly populated area encompassing the western end of Lake Ontario that is home to 8.7 million individuals, or around 26% of the whole populace of Canada. Toronto is Canada’s largest health care centre which has more than 50 hospitals. Toronto also has a hospital for sick children who have great reputation internationally in clinical care and research. . Eminent leaders of Toronto have worked successfully to protect the city's heritages and its residents' quality of life from the effects of unrestrained development, even as Toronto has continued to grow into a major financial, cultural and health care centre. Toronto is a conspicuous community for music, theatre, film generation, and TV creation, and is home to the base camp of Canada's significant national communicating systems and media outlets.


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